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TrustGard™ Double-Hung
The classic good looks and outstanding performance of TrustGard™ make it the brand more homeowners and builders rely on for low maintenance, high performance and long-lasting appeal. If your family has problems with drafts, water leaks, uneven room temperatures or disturbing outdoor noises - or if your windows just don't look as nice as the rest of your home - TrustGard™ windows are the answer.

TrustGard™ Double Hung Windows Feature Outstanding Performance And Easy Care & Maintenance.

One of the most popular window styles on the market, double hung windows feature vinyl sashes that move along a vertical plane. TrustGard™ double hung windows feature outstanding performance and easy care maintenance as well as miter cut, fusion welded corners, 7/8 insulated glass utilizing PPG Intercept® warm-edge technology, deluxe dual ventilation latches for easy venting, and interlocking sashes for maximum sash seal protection.

TrustGard™ Double-Hung Window

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We have one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.

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